"Wisdom, travel tips and unnecessary fact."

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OK, I'm a CRANKY OLD MAN!  You probably saw that when you clicked on my site.  Likely, you are probably asking yourself right now "What could an old guy, older than 70, have to say to people?"  I'm not sure.  I do know that I have certain ideas about today, thoughts about the past and fears of the future!
I'm married to my bride of 54 years and still love her as if it were the first day. We have produced fantastic kids, grand children and 12 GREAT grand children. So, ya, not to bad for an old guy.
The world has been pretty good to us. Probably the biggest complaint that I have is getting old. Can't help it, that's life!
Probably other than the grand children our main interest is house sitting. We have been house sitting now for several years and that has allowed us to travel and see new places and meet great people. So many of my posts will likely revolve around our adventures.
I do enjoy working on old cars. I have a 1962 T-Bird that is in the works and a 1963 Study Lark, in the works also. At older than 70 the car restoration goes slowly.
My main fault, I guess, is voicing my ideas and opinions where they maybe aren't wanted. So, I figured that the best thing that I could do is start a Blog and make them public - RIGHT?
Enjoy and God Bless

Let me introduce myself!

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