29 Mar

Two reports out today in Google News have gobsmacked me (look at me throwing out those British terms).  One is potentially GREAT news for the biggest portion of us overweight logs of society, while the other is more likely directed at the ubber-riche.

The first had the headline: New weight loss shot melts fat WITHOUT nasty side effects of Ozempic and Wegovy, study suggests.   Syracuse researchers developed a shot that can help spur intense weight loss.   

The drug did not come with  the side effects that Ozempic and Wegovy do.  Only in its experimental stages at this time, but when compared to Ozempic and Wegovy lack of side effects shows a lot of promise.  It is the end all, cure all for societiy's griefs!  Just think of how much happier we ALL will be when we are the ideal weight that society says we should be.  

I remember watching a movie a long time ago titled "The Time Machine" by HG Wells.  If you have seen the movie you might remember that the "beautiful" people, the Eloi (If my old mind correctly remembers), were all of similar weight and perfection.  Oh to have a society like that to live in.  Now, I suppose that you movie affectionados out there might bring up the minor side story to this utopia.  You might say "Yeah, but Butch, weren't the Eloi being raised and bred as lunchtime snacks for the Morlocks that lived underground?"  Yeah, sure they were, but if you watch the movie you will see how perfectly satisfied they were in their utopia!  Life is a little give and take when it comes to perfection, right?

Next we had the headlines:Humans will achieve immortality in eight YEARS, says former Google engineer who has predicted the future with 86% accuracy.    Ray Kurzweil predicts nanobots will help achieve human immortality    The technology will repair cells and tissues that deteriorate as the body ages    READ MORE:  Experts fear elderly billionaires will become immortal.

IMMORTALITY!!  Every person's dream.  The scientific advancement allowing us to live on, and on, and on, and..... (sorry, got carried away there for a moment).  To be able to live to see the advancements in technology, the ultimate societal achievement of creating the perfect world where there is no more sickness, no more hunger!   Of course there will be no more food to feed the population, no more space to even stand in because people are living forever!  Ahh, scientific advancement!  However if you read the above fine print in the article you might note that "Experts fear elderly billionaires will become immortal".  So I guess that immortality  won't be for us commoners for quite some time in the future.  This ability to live forever and continue to amass wealth such as our Elon Musk and others have been doing will be a blessing that only "they" will enjoy.  Ahh! nono-technology!! But do  you know what?  Living forever has never been a dream of mine.  The thought of living into a future that seems to be rushing toward over population, planet destructive pollution and God only knows what else is something that I, for one, have no desire to be a part of.  Even if I had Elon Musk's billions I would not wish this on myself.  I would, however use every cent that I could muster to try, desperately, to correct these planet ills.  

Come to think of it, if I succeeded in correcting the bad then maybe the good would be worth living for.  Who knows?

God Bless 

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