31 Mar

Good Morning all you beautiful boundryless people.
Is this world GREAT just now, or WHAT?! It used to be that you had to do silly stuff like think before you spoke. Such wastes of time like thinking of others feelings and maybe having enough empathy for the other guy that you felt somewhere inside that saying something or doing something might affect them in a not so good way.
Not now, darn it. Let's just blert out what is on the tip of our tongue. I would say "what is on your mind at the moment", but I'm not too sure that much of this has been processed to deeply before manifesting itself to others.
Now remember that this is the Old Guy speaking, but I can remember WAY BACK when we used to think before we spoke. We used to think before we acted (usually). I remember when common sense (sorry about the cuss words) was somewhat the working word of the day. We used to be able to think something through and, more times than not, come out the other side with something resembling logic.
An example of this was just posted today on Facebook. It read "Drew Barrymore Had Her First Hot Flash On Air And Fans Applauded Her Openness About It". WOW! Great for Drew Barrymore! But is that something that the world needed to know, or is that something that maybe was somewhat personal in nature and didn't need to be broadcast? I don't mean that these things shouldn't be talked about, but I'm not sure that it is something to be broadcasted to the world.
Boundries! We have decided that boundries only get in the way when we want to post something on Facebook, or Twitter or even You Tube. We know now that people out there want to know my inner most thoughts and musings. It feels good and it feels like we are sharing with others when we post our lives for all to see. Ahh, the age of computers!!
We used to have an old saying that went something like "Remain silent and let people think you a fool, or open your mouth and remove ALL doubt". Well, all doubt has left the room.
God Bless

P.S. This article is a prime example!

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