16 Apr

The latest Headline.  162 in just the first 16 weeks of the year.  WOW! That many.  That is about one and a half a DAY.  What could we as a society be doing so often that we continually break records.We are succeeding in having MASS SHOOTINGS at the rate of one and a half a DAY!  The definition of a mass shooting that the gov't and news people have come up with is a shooting that injures at least four people not including the shooter.  Now, of course many of these shootings have involved many more than just four injured.  A classroom full of our babies, a shooting into a crowd of people as they are celebrating, killing numerous innocent bystanders.I have to admit that this morning's shooting in Dadeville, Alabama and the one of a wacko firing into a crowd killing two and injuring several others in Louisville, Ky on the same day didn't affect me much (getting used to it, I guess) until I thought about it more and realized the statistics attached.  162 of these horrible events, one and a half a day so far this year.  WOW! when we set out to accomplish something, we sure do a good job of it!

God Bless and protect you ALL 

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