17 Apr

In a young industry flooded with hype and money, person after person tells me that they are desperate to be regulated, even if it slows them down. In fact, especially if it slows them down.What they tell me is obvious to anyone watching. Competition is forcing them to go too fast and cut too many corners. This technology is too important to be left to a race between Microsoft, Google, Meta and a few other firms. But no one company can slow down to a safe pace without risking irrelevancy. That’s where the government comes in — or so they hope.

The above two paragraphs are not from me.  They are a small sample of several stories that I read today about CEO's of some of our largest companies involved in the advancement of AI (artificial intelligence).  Many, if not most of the companies involved in the advancement of AI are literally scared out of their pants (OK, not a good mental picture, imagine Elon Musk) at the speed at which AI is developing.  They all see it, they all continue to strive to develop the next big advancement, but they know that at some point even THEY will lose control.  

Something is happening here that I'm not sure has ever happened before.  These companies involved in the advancement of AI are begging the governments of their respective countries to put regulation and limits on use of AI! The industry is developing so fast that even they fear that reality itself will become irrelevant because we will have no way of telling what reality even is.  

Now I know that some out there will say that maybe, just maybe, that might be an improvement over where we ourselves are leading the world, but for me I think that at least a little control over my thoughts and desires would be a nice thing to have. Hey, life is wonderful.  Excuse me for a while as I need to go do a little reprogramming on the wife.  Her central processing unit has developed a glitch.God Bless and keep us intelligent 

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