04 Apr

Good Morning All

Well, once again I am gobsmacked (here I go with those British terms again, they just seem so natural! Probably from watching the entire Downton Abbey series)  For the past couple of years I have had a back problem that has prevented me from walking more than 50 yards or standing for more than 3-4 minutes without having to sit and relieve the pain across my back.  Yeah, yeah, before you say it, I know I'm getting OLD.  If I can sit for a minute then I can continue for a bit what I am doing, and then back to sitting.I have had spinal xrays, been given exercises and other things in the past in order to make my back function at least as well as my front (that's not saying much, but the front is a bit better).I had gotten to the point of simply accepting that I would be like this to my dying day.  Ewww!Then I finally yesterday decided to go and let an acupuncturist have a go at me.  I had my first visit yesterday evening.  It was a pleasant experience even if I was being used as a pin cushion.  The acupuncturist was very thorough and really knowledgeable.  I was fascinated when she sat me down and took pictures of all of my fingerprints (I wasn't sure if she was secretly working for the FBI, or what).  At any rate she then provided me with a fingerprint analysis of my makeup, showing me that I shouldn't eat any more chicken or cold meats.  Actually she presented me with a complete dietary list.  Now my acupuncturist is Korean and her shop is next door to an oriental grocery store that carried much of what was on the list (I'm sure that there is no connection there).Anyway, she put little needles in my right hand, right foot and right leg.  Then she left me to relax (no problem!) for about half an hour.  As I lay there I actually didn't experience any discomfort, but I was laying flat on my back which my back didn't appreciate.  She did come back in to the room to ask me how I was doing.  She then proceeded to just touch one of the needles to adjust it and pain shot through my hand.  I guess that is how near to the nerves that the needles were.How am I doing so far today?  Believe it or not I have not been experiencing any pain at all in my back as I move around.  Granted, I haven't given it a workout yet and every time I move I anticipate pain shooting through my  mid-back, but so far I find the change amazing!  Maybe 6000 years of knowledge has something going for it.I will keep you updated, but so far I am gobsmacked (Yup, Downton Abbey again!).God Bless 

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