28 Mar

Good Morning Folks, Loved Ones All
This morning I am going to ask some of you not to read my posting. I realize that many of you enjoy reading about my adventures and mis-adventures and I do honestly appreciate that. But today isn't a day for me to be glib and irreverant. It is a day, like so many that we see lately that should only bring reflection and sadness.
Every once in a while (no, that isn't so true now days) something in the news simply brings me to my knees. I wrote the other day about my total wonderment when I am blessed with having my beautiful kids, grandkids and my 11 greats around. I am pretty sure that no one reading the article could doubt my feelings, and most feel the same wonderment.
Three beautiful children and three adults that had dedicated their lives to caring for and teaching those children were brutally and viciously gunned down. It is all over the news today. This one is a little difference, I guess, is that the perp was a young woman carrying two assault rifles and a handgun. You know the story by now. I don't need to go further.
Marily and I talked some after seeing the news. Yes we were shocked as each of you were. But then I realized that something like this has become more of the norm now days. 20 kids killed at this school, 15 over there. It seems that a week doesn't go by now that we don't see news such as this. We are becoming less and less shocked and enraged by each new incident.
I'm not sure if much of it has to do with our continual bathing that we get from the 24 hour news services or if we simply are changing as a people. I know that many of you, especially of my age, will say "Yes, but bad things, as bad as this have always happened". And you would be right. They have always happened. But I remember a day when hearing news of an incident not even nearly as tragic as this would truly shock the senses. Now we simply take the horror as another of life's news items and hope that it doesn't happen closer to home.
Maybe it is time to manifest that shock and indignation more forcefully and openly! Maybe it is time that we FEEL once again when something like this happens. Maybe it is time that we spend less time on Facebook and Youtube and Twitter and the like posting inane and meaningless stuff and start letting people know how DONE with this new trend that we are.
"What is the point?" you might ask. The point is that WE as older adults, we as parents or aunts and uncles or even neighbors MUST show the younger generations that we don't accept our children being gunned down. We don't accept, without total outrage, the numbness of society to all of this. It is up to us to show the youngsters that humanity still exists!
Well, I warned you in the begining not to read all the way to the end if you didn't want to get bummed. Sorry about that, but we need to show our outrage!
God Bless

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