20 Mar

All of you husbands out there can definitely agree with me on the above (very firmly stated) declaration.  Whether it be about finances, home repair, or in this instance, car condition while traveling!  The man simply ALWAYS knows best.I have neglected of late relating stories of our house sits, as I (being as old as I am) couldn't remember any more.  However I do recall one that occurred on one of our recent trips.  Now you probably ask, "How could a house sitting trip ever refer to the above opening statements?"  Well, I'll tell you.We had been planning one of our house sit trips.  A trip down to Copalis Beach, not far from Ocean Shores. Of course when we travel on our house sits we always drive, as that way we have a car to do our running and exploring when we get there.  So, of course as the man of the familyit fell to me to assure that our car was ready for the trip.  After a thorough check of the car I deemed it ready to go.  Ok, we had been experiencing some minor "thud, thud, thud" coming from somewhere as we drove the car, but I couldn't track the noise down.  I checked the front end, tires and all of the rest of the undercarriage and found nothing that would possibly be making the noise.Now you women can likely relate to the following.  Marily, always the worry wart said "Dear, are you sure that the car is OK to drive that far?  Maybe there is something causing the noise."  Now, if you have been following my writings you probably know that I am paraphrasing how she put the above statement.  But I stood my ground as the man of the family and told her "Nah, it's nothing."Of course I was right, our trip down to the house was uneventful.  OK, OK, we listened to the "thud, thud, thud" all the way down, but as you can imagine, I had put it out of my mind.Well, eventually, after our stay ended we packed the car for our uneventful trip home.  We were traveling back to Tacoma on the freeway, Marily STILL worried about the noise, but me, Nah, it's nothing.To make a long story short (ok, a little late for that) as we were approaching the military bases on I-5 we heard a loud "BOOM"!The car started to do some odd things and so I immediately, as the man of the family, pulled the car over to the side of the road, got out, looked at the rear tire and detected the problem, and at the same time diagnosed the reason for the constant "thud, thud, thud" that we had been hearing.  At that point some of you women would say "I told you so!"  And Marily had her way of putting that idea across to me also!.Of course I got my spare tire out of the car, proceeded to remove the lug nuts from the wheel and found that one of the nuts had been previously damaged to the point of not allowing my lug wrench to remove it.  So we were stranded!As luck would have it there was a tow truck driver that had been sitting just above us on the exit ramp  and he came down to ask how he could help.  He had been on another call so he was nice enough to call his shop to send out someone to help.  The new driver showed up, managed to get our tire swapped and get us on our way.  Again, a long story shortened (because I'm not really looking my best here), we managed to get the tire swapped, got home safely and life as we know it continued.God Bless 

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