21 Feb

Good morning gals and guys. I hope that you are enjoying my house sit site. I thought that I might throw a little quiz at you today!
Question: What do 90 foot tug boats, a wolf that you think is ready to eat you, a cattle farm and a beautiful snowy winter scene have in common?

Answer: Believe it or not these are some of the adventures that Marily and I have experienced over the years that we have house sat.
Over the next few posts I will be talking about these things and much more that we have enjoyed. House sitting has been our answer to traveling. Some of you have retired and bought motor homes to travel in and experience the country that we love. Others take cruises to tropical (or fridged) locations, being able to enjoy the complete carefree cruise life. Marily and I have, over the years taken a few cruises, our last being fantastic Alaska cruise.
After spending a couple of thousand dollars for the cruise, dealing with covid and all we have continued to revert back to our old ways of finding house sits in areas that we would like to experience.
What are the benifits of doing a house sit? We enjoy going that route for several reasons. Of course a primary reason is because we see a lot of great new places and meet new friends that become friends for life. Another reason is that every one of our past sits has had beautiful animals that the owners trust us to care for. We have had of course cats and dogs. We have also had ducks, chickens and one cool parrot to look after. Of course if you are adept at taking care of horses, cows, goats, donkeys or any other kinds of animals you can usually find a house sit that includes some OR ALL of those.
You can choose to sit a classic old home in San Francisco or a beautiful modern home overlooking the city. How about a house located on a working cattle ranch or a completely refurbished 90 foot TUGBOAT house sit on the river. We have done them all (except San Francisco, still on our bucket list!
Maybe after reading some of our adventures you might decide that this is the way to go when you retire, or just want to experience that way of life.
We find it NEAT!!
God Bless

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