23 Feb

Good Morning Guys and Gals

This morning I sit looking out at a beautiful ocean with the waves lapping on the shore.  The sun is rising n the east and beginning to light up our day.  This is, of course, the every morning view that we have to tolerate from our current house sit near Ocean Shores.  Marily and  our little chihuahua that we are caring for are both in bed but I love to be up to see the sun come over the hill.  So, what story can I tell you today?  How about the time that I swore I was going to be eaten alive by a WOLF!  No, no I'm  wasn't imagining that I was Little Red Riding Hood (maybe one of the 3 Little Pigs).Marily and I had accepted a house sit in Idaho.  Of course when you research a sit there are photos and a description of their animals, but the sit looked so nice that I didn't pay much attention to what or who they were.  When we arrived at the house (another story about that later) we approached the door and knocked.  As the door opened there stood one of the biggest, most intimidating beasts that I had ever seen.  He stood about up to my waist on all fours and a head with teeth big enough to gulp me down for lunch!Well, after he licked me nearly to death (probably seeing if I was worth eating) we were invited into the house.  As you are probably aware by now I wasn't eaten by the wolf.  As a matter of fact he was one of the most gentle, loving pets that we have cared for.  There was  a couch in the TV room where Zeus (that was his name) claimed his spot  to lay.  If I sat down on one end of the couch he would get up on the couch, lay down and lay his head on my lap.  His head was big enough that I had trouble seeing TV (maybe not quite that big, but BIG).  He was a sweetheart.Over our time as house sitters we have been blessed with fantastic animals and have loved them as our own.God Bless 

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