13 Mar

OK this might be a new word for some of you.  It certainly was for me.  I just read an article on Google News that got me to really wondering.Sologamy is a practice that has occurred in India a couple of times at least in the recent past.  Apparently it is legal to MARRY YOURSELF in India.  Now I have to plead ignorant (not a hard thing to do for me) as to whether or not this practice is allowed in any of the US states or territories.  If it is please post and let me know.Of course most are aware of polygamy, the practice of marrying more than one wife at a time.  The LDS church practiced this for many years and some sects still adhere to the practice (Sister Wives comes to mind).But Sologamy is another animal completely.  Now please understand that I  can fully get why a woman would choose to live her life as a single.  There are a whole lot of advantages to this for a woman.  For one, she would never have to complain that the toilet lid had been left up!  Now this might seem like a trivial thing especially to us guys, but to ANY married woman (married to a guy, that is) this seems to be an unforgivable marital crime.  I do have to admit however that in the middle of the night I have wandered in to the bathroom, left the light off because I really didn't want to wake myself up, sat down on the toilet and found that SOMEONE had, unforgivably left the seat up! Eeeeew!! Definitely woke myself UP!Anyway back to sologamy.  If a woman wishes to remain single that's cool.  Why in the world would she want to marry even herself and be stuck with a partner for life that will always be complaining about how she dresses, where she has been when she goes out, or, in fact might decide to leave the toilet lid up!! A woman who decides to marry herself seems to me to be a candidate for split personality.  In fact the article that I read apparently proves just that.  The lady got married to herself one day and by the next was seeking a divorce!  Now I know that you think that I'm making this all up, but I really don't think that even I could be so mentally convoluted as to come up with this.  Google it and comment.Love is definitely blind (and sometimes really weird!) 

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