02 Apr

Good Morning Wonderful people
It has been said that, at times, I have been known to write about silly, inane things. Some of my posts, although serious in intent, have maybe come across as glib. It is truly hard to write about the world's happenings without questioning, at least a little, their importance in life.
However today I have run across an article that I believe most of you will agree is earth shaking and of the utmost importance! What could that possibly be, you ask? (Again I am assuming that some of you have, in act asked that question)
An international team of researchers from the University of Portsmouth and the Royal BC Museum in Canada have spent quite some time and I am sure an equal amount of research money studying whether or not the T Rex HAD LIPS!!
Now I would imagine that one or two of you might question the need to know this at this time in our evolutionary development, but I assure you that one of the concerns in the study was that now children, when drawing a T Rex will know how to properly depict it.
I am certain also that in a few million years some group of researchers will spend time and money researching whether or not we, of the 21st century HAD LIPS!
It is my conclusion in this matter that the T Rex did, in fact have lips. Now please understand that I am not being paid research money to come up with that conclusion. I am simply using logic here. Without lips, how could T Rex's have ever kissed each other? After all, that's why WE have lips, right?
God Bless

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