22 Mar

Good morning all of you lovely gals and guys.  My, the sun has been shining of late, the birds are singing and the buds are coming on to the trees! .  (Actually it's 3AM as I sit here writing, It's dark outside and for all I know could be raining, but you get the idea)."Why am I in such a good mood at 3AM?"  you ask.  Once again that is a rhetorical question because I really don't know if you even thought about asking that or not.  Well, I'll tell you.  Marily and I are getting ready to go on a 6 day cruise from LA to Vancouver.  It's called a "Pacific Wine Country" cruise.  Now I'm still trying to figure out how we are supposed to enjoy the beautiful wine areas of Cali, Oregon and Washington from the deck of a cruise ship, but I suppose that will become evident.Why do I bring this up, other than for the purpose of bragging about it and making others feel bad?  I guess that as an OLD guy with a mean streak it just seems right, somehow!But I digress.  The purpose of my writing today is to let you know my cruise plans.  Oh sure, we are going to eat our way through the ship.  We are going to relax by the pool (unless we run into a hurricane or something).  We are going to enjoy all of what is offered.  But that isn't the REAL reason that I want to go on the cruise.  No, sir, I've go big plans!  I have booked us a cabin with a balcony called a mini-suite.  I have chosen a balcony suite for a particular reason.  I have even assured that I got a room amidships!  You see, I play the banjo!  Well "play" might not be exactly what I do.   I think that in the banjo playing vernacular it is called "plunking".  But it is enough that I get great pleasure out of doing it and I am certain that others would, also.So my plan is to bring my banjo on board, sit on my balcony and serenade the paying guests!  I have read carefully ALL of the cruise ship rules and regulations and see where I can't smoke on my private balcony.  I can't even sun bathe in the nude out there!  Something to do with others possibly seeing me and not appreciating an old 74 year old exhibiting himself.  Age is a killer! But NOWHERE in the rules does it say that I can't sit and plunk my banjo  on my balcony.I promise to let you know how my plans work out.  (p.s. I will make sure to keep my life jacket handy).God Bless 

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