25 Feb

Hi Folks. today I am going to tell you about a near fatal incident that occurred withmy wife!
We had accepted a house sit a while back again in Arizona. I don't really understand why so many things have happened to us in Arizona but I think that it is an old Indian curse or something. When we arrived at the house sit the home owners had a couple of very sweet cats and in a cage a giant CONDOR!! (Actually it was a little parrot about 6 inches HUGE)
Me and the parrot got along famously. He used to come and sit on my shoulder and liked to be scratched under the wing. Lovely little bird.
One day I was sitting in the TV room which was a bit away from the kitchen where the parrot was kept. My wife was in the kitchen and had decided to pick up the parrot on her finger and bring him in to the TV room with us. She got him on her finger and then noticed that his water dish needed changing.
All of a sudden I hear, coming from the kitchen "OWW, OWW!! I jumped up and ran in to see what was the matter. . She had proceeded to attempt to place the parrot back on the cage in order to deal with the water. The parrot had other plans. He wanted to go in and watch TV with me. As she attempted to put him down the parrot grabbed a huge hunk of skin between her thumb and finger and WOULD NOT let go! Of course, you have to understand that Giant Condors and little parrots both can break rocks with their beaks. I proceeded to convince the parrot to let go (Non-violently, I must say) and put him back up on the cage. My wife suffered a near career ending injury and learned to only pick the parrot up with a towel (made of Kevlar!) between her and him.
So, if you do ever decide to house sit please first ask them if they keep any giant condors in a cage!
God Bless

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