21 Feb

Ramblings of an old guy
I'm 74!! Now to most of you that is probably a "so what" kinda statement. To most of you youngins out there a guy my age probably doesn't have much of any interest to say or wisdom to pass on. You're probably right! After all what could an old guy like me possibly offer in a world that is changing faster than we used to be able to change a diaper on a baby.
Well, I guess that after two kids, 8 grand children and 11 (+1 on the way soon) great grandchildren I maybe feel that there is still a little wisdom left between my ears.
I've seen growing up in the 50's and the wild '60s, the building of the Space Needle in Seattle, the coming to adulthood of a city that most at one time felt was a land of tents and salmon.
I grew up in Seattle and ran around downtown with my buddies when I was 12 years old. We didn't worry back then about danger (although there was probably some in places we hung out). We rode the stinky old city bus everywhere and were happy.
Now days if you want to let your kids out of the house to play in the yard or on the parking strip you plan to be with them at ALL times. You watch them like a hawk in everything that they do and just hope that you are doing your best.
Stories, sure, I do have some that may be of interest. Wisdom and guidance I'm not so sure about. It seems that things that we old people used as guides to living don't apply much anymore. But maybe something in my ramblings might strike a chord or help someone in some way. Along the way I will add a few stories about our adventures house sitting and whatever else might pop into my head. I do hope that you enjoy some of it.

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