21 Feb

Good Morning All you lovely people! Well this is our last day at our little shack by the beach. Now back to the real world and all that it brings. The sun has finally decided to shine a bit here and so we will maybe go for one last walk on the beach. It has been relaxing, for sure.
When you house sit you never know what you might run in to. House sitting is about as varied as any thing could be, and often as exciting. You would think that with the many different houses that we have sat we would have run into a haunted one at times. Not really that often. However there was one place that we were certain had its fair share of GHOSTS!
I spoke some yesterday of our adventures on the 90' tug moored on the Columbia River . Of any sit that we have done, that one pretty well convinced us that there were strange things afoot. As I mentioned, Marily and I had sat the tug about 4 times over the years. It was a wonderful sit with great dogs and a fantastic owner who has become a dear friend.
During our several sits there we would often be sitting watching TV in the living room. You could see the hallway leading to the kitchen and front of the boat from there. Many times out of the corner of our eye we would see what appeared to be a shadow walk across the hall. Just adjacent to the area was the door to the engine room and it would appear that this shadow was maybe coming out of there. Well the dogs would never react to this and so we just wrote it off.
One day my brother and sister-in-law came for a short visit. My brother had gone upstairs to the bedroom and had gone to bed for the evening. My sister-in-law and Marily and I stayed down stairs watching TV. In the morning my brother came down stairs with a bit of a confused look on his face. When we asked him what the problem was he told us that in the early evening after he had gone to bed and was just dozing off he heard someone in the adjacent bath room making noise. He assumed that it was his wife preparing for bed. As he lay there he could feel some one (thing) pressing down on the covers as though getting into bed with him. He opened his eyes and found nothing in the bedroom with him! He had no idea what had gone on the evening before that caused his experience.
Both my brother and sister-in-law use a CPAP machine. They carry both in separate bags for travel. My sister-in-law had taken the CPAPS out of their individual bags to set up. She stored both bags in the closet to later repack. When she proceeded to repack them the next day her bag was there but his bag had completely disappeared! We searched the tug several times and never found the bag. We asked the owner to keep an eye out for it when she returned but she never found it either.
I decided to ask her if she had ever experienced anything odd on the tug. She said sure, she had felt and seen things and had occurances happen over her time there. Well we put it off to the ghost of the old owner who had passed away on the boat after just finishing the rehab.
The tug had been used in World War 2 to transfer goods and men across the ocean to Hawaii and we suppose that there were some deaths on the tug during that time. Maybe they are still there. Who knows???
If you have had any good adventures with the paranormal let me know. I love to hear about them.
God Bless

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