23 Feb

Hi once again Folks. 

 Well life is worth living again.. We once again have tv! We still don't have wireless but we can watch Dish.  Luckily our phones have good service here so we have internet thru them.Let's see, what can I tell you about our house sitting adventures today? I thought you might like to know what to expect as you take over someone's life ( oh sorry, I mean house).  When you accept a house sit you are basically moving in as they are moving out!  The sit can be for as little as 2 days  up to several months.  Usually you are charged with caring for whatever animals they might have and responsibility for their home.  They will likely ask you to collect their mail and packages.  At one of our sits we received so many packages that Marily suggested we decorate a Christmas tree and put the packages under it.Quite often the home owner will have created a guide book containing all the information you might need for the sit.  You can usually contact them by phone for unforseen problems.  I'll tell you a good story about that later.The refrigerator is usually fully stocked for you.  Marily always prepares a menu for our time there however and we bring much of our own food.  If the owners will be gone for an extended time we will usually use up their perishables, fresh fruit and refer items.  If we do use something nonperishable we will usually replace it before they return home.  So as you see we have all of the comforts we could need, and as with our current sit a beautiful view of the ocean. What a life! Well back to "work" for me.God Bless 

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