23 Feb

Good morning guys and gals.I'm going to try writing this on my phone.  Usually I use my laptop and word because my fat, uncoordinated fingers don't do so well on the phone keyboard.  So here goes.I thought that I might give you an idea of how your first day on the sit might go.  I have made contact with the home owner and have accepted the sit.The initial get together can go several different ways.  We have run into them all! On some sits especially if they are near by you might agree to meet beforehand  to get to know them and meet their pets.  This is the best way of course to start a sit.  Don't expect it to that way though.  We have only been able to do this once in all of our sits.The usual way that it will work is not too bad.  The home owner will invite you a day early in order to meet you and allow the pets to get familiar with you.  This allows the owner to go over any information they need to pass on and for you to ask any questions.  This usually works well.  I haven't figured out yet though what might happen if you don't like them or they don't like you!There is another way that the transition may unfold.  We had one sit where the homeowners had departed before we even arrived!  They had arranged for the neighbor to meet and orient us  to the house, their dog and their ducks and chickens.  This made us feel a little lost, but Oh Well!So if you decide to  do this don't expect the normal because there isn't really any.God Bless 

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