23 Feb

Good evening folks

Man, I had so much fun today that I nearly forgot to write to you!  Marily and I decided on this lovely 40 degree day to take the little Chihuahua that we house sit to the beach.  40 degree weather, wind chill factor probably in the -40 range!Got my metal detector out to see if I could maybe find some shipwreck gold.  Found a penny!  I have determined that I will be able to pay for my metal detector by the time I'm 150 years old.That reminds me of my first and only lone house sit.  Marily was still working at the time. I had watched a lot of videos on YouTube about all of the great metal detecting finds that guys were having on So. California beaches.  I found a sit relatively near the beaches, was lucky enough to get the sit so off I went.  Drove down and thoroughly enjoyed the two weeks I was there. I visited several beaches during my time at the sit.  Found that it is EXPENSIVE to park at each.  Made a killing though with my detector!  By the time I was through I believe that I had cleared about $3.50 all together ( actually after the penny that I found today detecting that sounds pretty good!)Of course if you are familiar with metal detecting or know a detectorist (that's what we call ourselves when we get into the high $3.00 and above range ) you know that One Of These Days we will find the BIG one!Getting too old for it though.  The ground gets further and further away when I bend to dig up something.  Maybe I'll have Marily teach me to crochet.God Bless 

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