25 Mar

Good Morning Folks.  I sit here at 6AM awaiting the rising of another sun.  Awaiting another day to begin that will either be more confusing than the last, or, just maybe more enlightening.  I guess that this is what makes our day to day existence worth living.This  morning I am awaiting something even more momentous.  Something that I don't get to experience as often as I would like.What in the world could be so profound, so great in this life as to make me sit up and notice, you ask (again I realize that you likely didn't ask, or even wonder that, but I will just assume that you did.)Two of our beautiful great granddaughters, one 4 years old and the other a big girl of 5, decided to spend the night with us while their parents enjoy a little break.  I know  that I am preaching to the choir,so to speak, when I say that as as grandparents there is no greater blessing than to enjoy a visit of such innocence into our lives.  Simply to sit and watch them and to see the pure love that emanates from each of them is unparalleled.  From the first time that I held  each of them in my arms as newborns I have looked into their eyes and told them "I love you".   It never can be repeated too many times from us to them!  But to have them come to an age when they look back at me, and without any prompting say "Grandpa, I love you!"  Is the moment that I feel that I have done my job in God's eyes.  God has blessed me and entrusted me with the highest proof of his existence when he has sent such a piece of his purity into my life.I continually receive so many blessings and I try to appreciate and be aware of each, but simply to look upon one of these beautiful creations each time reminds me of God's blessings!God Bless 

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