28 Feb

Well we have made it through the last few days.  feeling crappy in general and dealin with doctors and tests and all of the other good things that go along with being OLD.  I remember thinking when I was younger that I would still be physically fit and sexually active well into my '60s and '70s.  Well, the physically  active has gone south along with back pain, a couple of anuerisms, kidney problems and other minor complaints.  The sexually active left me some time in the '60s (not 1960's, but age 60, lordy, I'm not THAT old).  Funny how things never turn out the way you pictured them when you were young!  Oh Well.

I can't complain too loudly though.  Coming from a grumpy old guy I have really led a blessed life.  54 years ago I married the best woman that God could have provided.  After 54 years I still believe that and pray thanks for her continually.  I have two boys, grand kids and great grandkids that I wouldn't trade for anything.

We have never wanted for anything.  We have never been rich but our blessings continue to come when we need them.

Why do describe myself as a grumpy old guy then you ask.  Well I see the world going by so fast.  The older I get the faster it seems to go.  I try to keep up with the world but it seems to come at me like a freight train.  I guess that the only thing left is to grump about it!

God Bless

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