22 Feb

Now I am quite sure that all of you who know me personally will claim to the highest mountain that I am one of the sweetest people that you have ever met!  I understand that.  And I want you ALL to know that I have made it my lifelong goal to be the guy you know! (OK, OK it's getting a little deep in here and I think that I just made my head swell like Pinocchio's nose)

Can I be GRUMPY? Sure, like today for instance.  I am sitting here waiting to leave to go to my doctor's office to hear her tell me the results of some tests that I had done.  Now understand, my doctor is a very nice young, pleasant and efficient (and nice looking) lady.  But the act of going to the doctor for someone my age is  a daunting thing to do under ANY circumstances.  I have to admit that it isn't quite as bad as the Dentist, but still not fun.

 When I go to the doctor now (at 74) it seems that they have a favorite saying.   "Well Mr. Renick it's just OLD AGE that is causing your head to become detached from your body".  My brother who is 84 now has NO chance at all!  When he carries his already detached head into the doctor's office his doctor simply says "well Mr. Renick it is just OLD AGE" and then gives him a new pill or two to take.

It isn't fun being old.  Being old means that you no longer are YOUNG!  It means that when you get up from the chair after watching TV you have to wait a bit to assure that your legs are still under you.   Eyesight, hearing, bladder control, these are all young peoples blessings.

Oh well it is off to the doctor's office.  I just hope that my head stays on this time.

God Bless

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