23 Feb

Ok,, Ok so far I have been a nice guy, just trying to win your hearts and minds to the old guy.   Well now it's time to let you see the TRUE side of me!

So what in the world could a nice old guy like me have to complain about, you ask.  Well let me tell you whipper snapper.  OLD AGE!!

Now I know that some of you might be nearing my age and may have a little sympathy for me and my plight.    Others of you, of course, will say "Huh, what does he mean by that?"

I discovered the other day that, yes, I am getting old.  I know that this is a shock, but my mind has finally caught up with my body.  I have heard told that you are only as old as you think you are.  Man, I hope not because right now I feel about 150 years old.  I have always thought of myself as in reasonably good health.  Well I mentioned that "fact" to the wife the other day and she replied "I have been thinking that you are in reasonably poor health."  SLAP! right upside the head.  Reality rushed in like a freight train!

OK, so lately I've been seeing more of my doctor and having tests here and there.  But that comes with age.  Right?  OK, maybe some back pain, headaches, can't stand and walk more than 20 feet, white hair that is falling out and other minor discrepancies, but all in all still as spry as ever.  (wait a minute, gotta quit laughing and coughing).

But OLD, never.  As I said before you are only as old as you think you are.  150 years old isn't TOO bad, is it.

God Bless

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