13 Apr

Well Good Morning All of you lovely people!  We are BACK.  As you might remember ( I say that because some of us have longer memories than others)  Marily and I decided to take a little cruise up the west coast from LA to Vancouver.  All in all it was a very nice cruise.  Of course I can't go anywhere without finding some fault and complaining about something.  It's just in my nature, I guess.For starters, the "wine" cruise didn't have anything to do with west coast wineries or wines. except for the two bottles of $3.00 Boones Farm wine we brought aboard the ship with us.  ( some of you who are wine affectionados such as I will know the fine, aged wine Boones Farm )I think that I pretty well described our trek necessary for a simple cup of coffee.  I started out at 220lb when we boarded the ship and left the ship at a svelt 195lb.  Those tricky guys, doing that for my well being (just kidding, still at 220lb)  It did, however cause a situation all the way up the ship's chain of command.  I had decided that I was going to fill out that little "How are we doing so far" paper that they so graciously left at my door.  I figured that I would let them know how displeased I was with having to transit the entire length and height of the ship for a cup of coffee when I wanted one.  I filled in the sheet, outlining my complaint, and not knowing what to do with it from there, placed it on top of one of the cabin steward carts in the hall.  I half expected it to be roundfiled in the waste basket.  Well we went on our merry way and later that evening went to dinner in one of the restaurants.  Well as luck would have it the ships dining captain, responsible for the entire ships dining came by our table.  Now this guy isn't small like many of the crew were.  He came up to our table and said "Mr Renick, I got your note about our coffee situation."  I figured, well I guess that I am going to have to swim to shore now.  But, no, he actually apologized for the inconvenience that we were having with the coffee.  He didn't have any particular solutions, but listened to my gripe about the long trek we  needed to face.   He was really apologetic and sorry that there were no other alternatives available except room service.  So at any rate, we continued to do our march to the coffee bar for the rest of the cruise.  So it didn't do any good to complain, but I felt better about not having to swim to shore!If I think really hard, I can probably come up with some other adventures that we had along the way, but for now....God Bless 

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