01 Mar

Good Morning Girls and Guys

It is 4:45 AM right now.  I just woke up a few minutes ago, couldn't go back to sleep and so I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat here to the computer.  I don't know how many of you in my age range (20-90) have the same problem as I do, but once I wake up in the morning I might as well get out of bed and start my day because my mind has decided that it is time to start rattling on!

I have over the years developed a VERY bad habit.  After I wake up and get my coffee I open this @$#%$# computer up and, after checking any messages, decide to read the latest news of the world.  Some of it is fine to read.  The news often times is full of facts and interesting information to read.  After all that is why we read it at all.

However more and more, day after day, there is article after article in the news that shocks and sickens me.  A 6'6" high school kid gets his electronic thing taken away from him by a substitute teacher and later in the hall of the school attacks and severely beats her until she is unconscious and he is finally pulled off of her.

In an article just this morning a little girl ran into her mother's bedroom yelling "He shot me!".  A guy had broken into their house with a gun and shot her twice and then went after the mom.  That precious little girl later died at the hospital.

An earthquake that takes thousands of lives overseas.  I could go on and on but I think you get the idea.  These things are mainstream daily news now.

Do you remember when:

We were shocked to read about someone getting shot or stabbed or murdered, especially a child or a whole family?

We have become less and less shocked by such things and accept them as a part of life.

Do you remember when:

As children we were expected to call our teachers   Mr. Smith or Ms Jones and were taught to say thank you and please?

I remember when my grandkids came home from school and said "My teacher Sally said....."  I wondered when  the basic respect and courtesy left the world.

Do you remember when:

Heck, do you remember when we liked, appreciated and respected our policemen?

Now we get a little apprehensive if we see a patrol car simply drive by.  I was a cop in the military for 10 years and I STILL hate to have one follow me.

Do you remember when:

As a child of 8 you could be sent to the local corner grocery store with a note from dad  and some change because he needed a pack of cigarettes.  The store owner would say "OK, here you go" and you would trot off home.

Now we read about 6 year olds bringing guns to school and shooting their teacher!

Sorry guys and girls, I guess that I just got up on the wrong side of the bed today!  I guess that the lesson for me in all of this is  don't wake up until 10 AM, start drinking decaf coffee, and what ever I do, do NOT read the news!  I am going now to look for a hole somewhere that an ostrich has used in the past in order to bury my head.  Call me when things change for the better.



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