05 Mar

I sat here this morning trying to think of something to write about and was not being successful.  Sometimes the old mind just doesn't want to wake up and smell the roses (or whatever that smell is, hmmm).

I decided to look at the morning news and see if that might inspire me.  Well there wasn't much there that was of interest until I saw an article about WalMart in Portland, Or.  

The WalMart corp has been forced to close the remaining two WalMarts in Portland down.   Not because of low sales, but because of record breaking thefts!  This will lead to over 600 people losing their jobs in the area.

My oh My, I'm trying to figure out how to address something like this.  I realize that I will be accused of over simplifying and generalizing what I am about to say, but I'm not so sure about that.  Our society as a whole has developed an "entitlement" frame of mind.  What I mean by that is that people from ALL walks of life are finding it easier and easier to justify in their own minds that they somehow have a "right" to take what they want or do what they want, society be DAMNED.

WalMart is a prime example, but if you look at almost any retail establishment their BIGGEST problem is theft.  Does that mean that ALL of society is doing such things.  No, not ALL of us.  But when you see porch videos of people coming up to the porch after FedEx or Amazon have delivered package, getting out of their cadillac SUV or porsche and stealing the packages you have to ask yourself who in the world is doing this.  In most instances they don't sneak up and slyly abscond with the goods.  No, so often they just walk up in front of the camera and take them away!  These are people just like you and me.  They would swear that they are moral people.  

Maybe I'm wrong.  Maybe we ALL are now entitled to what ever we can get our hands on.  

God Bless

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