12 Mar

Good Morning All of you Wonderful People.  It has been a few days since my last post.  A little down fighting the crud that we all seem to be getting of late.  Not really feeling horrible, but just bad enough to know that I'm not feeling good.  I guess that makes sense.Well, today I am SHOCKED!  My senses are appalled and my thoughts are now wandering into the gutter.  Why in the world, you ask (or maybe you didn't ask, but you know what I mean) has my world been so totally upset?  Well I'll tell you!In today's headlines I saw an article stating that now women can swim TOPLESS in Berlin, Germany pools.  I know, I can just imagine how shocked and appalled you all are right now, too! .How dare they to allow women to display themselves like that in public!  Do they have no shame?!OK, so German ideas of free display are a little more lax than ours here in the states, but to dare to go THAT far!We here in the states have a much more conservative attitude about such things.  TV, for example (well broadcast stations anyway) even now have strict rules about not showing a woman's nipple (sorry, didn't mean to offend any by such talk).  They will go to all lengths to avoid that.  They are ALWAYS striving to protect us from such filth.Now I know that some of you are gonna say "Yeah, but they show EVERYTHING else now!"  Sure you can turn on the local TV programs and see gratuitous sex depicted as graphically and realistically as possible.  Moaning, groaning and everything else that goes along with "graphic sex".  BUT, HEAVEN FORBID, DON'T SHOW A NIPPLE!!!!Whew, got that out.At least graphic sex is ALL you can watch on TV, well except for graphic murder and physical and emotional abuse of women and children.  No, no we have decided that such things are OK to depict as realistically and horribly as a director's mind can provide.But NO NIPPLES, heaven forbid, what is this world coming to, Germany??God Bless 

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