23 Feb

Hi Folks

Thank you to all of those who have enjoyed my posts about our house sitting adventures.  Let me tell those of you that don't know much about us who we are.  Marily  and I (Butch) are both retired (and getting old, I'm afraid).  Marily retired after spending nearly 29 years driving school bus for a local district.  I spend my last ten years working security in the Port of Tacoma where we live.We live in a 130 year old victorian home in Tacoma and have been here for, well lets see, almost 33 years now.  When we bought the house that long ago it had been a 3 unit apartment.  Over the first years we converted it into our single family home.  Our favorite hobby back then was working on the house and attempting to restore some of its original beauty.As time passed we began collecting grand kids and are actually up to 11 GREAT grand kids with a 12th on the way.  You can imagine what our interests are now.  We do house sitting I think in order to get away sometimes and have peace and quiet (but wouldn't trade our kids for all of the house sits in the world).At this moment we are sitting for some great folks as they go to the Carribean for a cruise.  We hope that they have a great time, but in the mean time we are on the coast with a beautiful view of the Pacific and a better living situation than we could get from staying at a 5 star hotel.  Our stay will be about 17 days and it is close enough to home in case there is any emergency that we need to attend to.  This is our 4th time here as many of our sits now are returns to earlier sits.  Not a bad way to go!Well enough for now.  I will tell you a bit about my first sit on a future post.God Bless

Butch Renick

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