24 Feb

Good Morning Folks

This is a little different from what I have been posting of late.  I don't know if you are aware of a Supreme Court debate that has been transpiring as we speak, but it could be interesting to say the least.In the 1990's a law was passed protecting the internet from law suits for content posted on the net.  The section of concern is Section 230 of the law.  It basically precluded anyone from suing for something posted by someone else.  This was done back then in order to help facilitate the growth of the internet without legal interference.  There has been a law suit that has made it all of the way to the Supreme Court questioning  whether or not an individual can sue another for the content that is posted.  Google had allowed posting by what was deemed a terrorist organization.Google and other big names are acting as defendants in the suit and they are claiming that, if 230 is shot down then anyone will be able to sue anyone else for anything that they don't agree with.  An example is Wikipedia.  Of course the content is formed by user input.  If someone feels that something has been posted wrong on the site then they would have the right to sue.In the '90's that created a monster that has become uncontrollable.  The internet  has not been forced to patrol the postings made on it.  Whenever there has been a lawsuit brought forward the defendant has fallen back on 230.I don't know how  I feel about the situation.  Do you continue to allow the internet to be free and open with content, or do you do away with 230 and restrict content?How do you feel about it.  The Supreme Court is to rule very soon!God Bless

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