04 Mar

Well I missed posting yesterday because it got so hectic around here (not really, I was just too lazy, but you know what I mean). I am sitting here at my computer wondering what new and amazing story I can come up with today. How about the time that we got locked out of the house during an Arizona monsoon?
Yup, we had just started a new house sit far, far away from home and were just getting settled in to the home. We were anxious to see one of the famous "monsoons" that Arizona is famous for and the beautiful house had a huge covered deck that we decided to sit under for the show. We opened the sliding door and entered onto the deck, closing the slider behind us.
We began watching the dark, ominous clouds move in over the valley, lightening and thunder so strong and frequent that we were simply amazed. Coming from the Pacific Northwest I thought that we knew what rain and storming was all about. NOPE, when the rain finally reached us with the thunder and lightening so close by we figured it was about time to go back into the house. WELL, what we soon found out was that the locking mechanism on the sliding door had a tendency to lock itself. We were locked out of the house. Of course the cats and parrot were inside, the parrot looking back at us with what I thought was a rather satisfying grin! Of course the cats couldn't care less as long as it was them inside and us out in the storm.
Well now began a search of every window and door around the house, looking for anything that might be unlocked and open that we could use to gain entrance to the house again. No, nothing was unlocked. What to do now? The home did have a security system that would let us in to the garage and then into the house. GREAT! We went to the security panel, entered the code and NOPE, wrong code!
Marily had luckily brought her cell phone out with us. What a lifesaver. Problem was that the phone had only a little charge left. We didn't have the home owner's contact information with us, but it was back at our home in Tacoma (Good place for it, useful in an emergency!) So Marily called our daughter-in-law back in Tacoma and asked her to go to our house and get the contact information for us. Well she called back with an email contact and so Marily emailed the owners about our plight. As luck would have it the owners were not in a place where they could answer the email.
So, understand, here we were locked out in an Arizona monsoon. No one to call for assistance. We thought that possibly one of the neighbors might have a solution or a telephone contact for the home owners. Nope.
My next thought was to try to figure out which window to break in order to get in to the house. Luckily the home owners by this time had arrived back to where they could read their emails. They saw our email and soon called us and gave us the correct code to open the garage door. Well we were soaked to the bone by then from running to the neighbors, etc, but at least we were back in the house!
Marily came up with a surefire solution to remembering the code from that point on. She wrote it on ALL of her bra straps, figuring that we would have it with us from then on. Problem solved. But I do believe that the parrot was a bit disappointed that we had gotten back in. The home owner subsequently informed us that, yes, the sliding door lock DOES sometimes do that.
I have been asked if we have ever had any problems with our sits. HECK NO!

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