23 Feb


 had some of you lovely people ask me "How did you and Marily get started house sitting?"  Well, actually I had done the first house sit alone because at the time Marily was still working and I had retired.  I had heard about house sitting from somewhere (can't remember where now) and had been looking on the internet at house sit sites that were listed.  I was on Trusted House Sitters site going through the list of house and pet owners looking for a sitter when I came across a sit in Southern California somewhat near the California beaches.One of my hobbies for some time has been metal detecting.  Of course I had watched many You Tube videos of metal detectorists detecting the popular California beaches.  I   had gotten the bug to do that but never had gone down to try.Well this Southern California sit came up.  They had one beautiful dog that they needed a sitter for and so I joined Trusted House Sitters and contacted the home owners.  We corresponded back and forth and then they ran a referral check on me.  Of course at that time we had no previous house sit references because we hadn't done any.  On signing up to the site they ask for three personal rererences.  I gave three names of friends that both my wife and I had worked for in the past.  The site contacted the references and asked them if we were of good character.  The folks that I had listed as references told Trusted House Sitters that Marily had  good character and that I was just a character (I still don't know what they meant by that).At any rate I was picked to do the Southern California sit.  I will tell you of my first sit adventures later, but for now I will just say that it was fun and an eye opener to house sitting.God Bless 

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