03 Mar

I am sitting here at the computer trying desperately to think of something interesting to write about and coming up with absolutely NOTHING!  Here I thought that I could probably write until my last breath about some complaint or other, but I guess  the world is traveling along so well right now that it's time to sit back and enjoy life!

Whew, I actually got through that last paragraph without cracking up more than once or twice.  

I was just thinking aboout (sorry, the Canadian coming out in me) sleep.  No not going back to bed and actually trying to get some more sleep, but how, as I age more and more I seem to get less and less sleep.  I am usually able to fall asleep around midnight and now can sleep until at least 3AM before my poor old body says "OK sucker, time to rise and shine!"  Of course now my mind is going at a hundred miles an hour and I find it useless to even attempt to go back to sleep.  I find myself getting up, getting a cup of coffee and (as there isn't too much choice at 3AM) turning the TV on to something I could care less about watching.  If I am lucky it is boring enough to actually put me back to sleep for a while.  I try to get at least five hours of what at my age we call sleep whether or not I need it.

Here it is now 6AM and I have been on this computer for over an hour.  I find that no matter when I get on and open Facebook I find several others of you active and posting already!  So, I guess that my plight isn't mine alone.  It feels good to share like this with others.

God Bless  (and sleep tight!)

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